Enabling "Real-Time Collaboration" for Microsoft Project (.MPP) Files

What is Real-Time Collaboration?

Real-Time Collaboration (rTc) is a feature of Project Plan 365's Business (PMO) Plan, and allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time with each other while constructing or updating a project plan stored on Drive 365. For example, a project plan can be set up to allow team members assigned tasks to update their own % completes, thus freeing up the plan owner to do other work.

Who can use rTc?

Anyone with a .MPP file (think Microsoft Project, Primavera or Project Plan 365 users) can employ our system to turn a single project plan into a powerful collaborative tool. Once imported, any human resources included in a .MPP project plan can be added to a team resource pool, where they can be tracked and balanced, and also invited to join in on the collaboration.

Notes on using rTc..

  1. You can share a project plan for collaboration with up to 100 individuals, and as many as 20 users can simultaneously work on the plan at the same time.
  2. Users logged into the plan are shown in the Who's Online bar at the top of the plan, and different colors identify each user and the cell that they are editing at the moment.
  3. The system closely monitors action from all users, and applies each edit in the appropriate order - no collisions, and no need to check-out /check-in files!

How to set up rTc...

Setting up rTC for team collaboration is easy, just follow the seven steps in the video explainer, and off your team goes - collaborating in real-time on any project plan on hand.

For more information, see this online help article or see the Kick Start Video that will help any planner kick off a PMO within their organization in just 5 minutes or less.