Housatonic's Global Partnership Program (GPP)


This program is for all PM consultants or consulting firms helping their clients with Project Management implementations (methodologies, PMO setups, training, software licensing, etc.), with a preference on those working in developing countries who are helping organizations with humanitarian efforts. (However, the program is open to all that qualify). In addition, we are also interested in partnering with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who are struggling with building PM systems in-house.

Housatonic, building partnerships worldwide  The goal of this program is multifold: where we @Housatonic would like to partner with others who are:

  • Helping clients improve their project success rates (performance-enhancing)
  • Interested in better engaging with their clients as part of their PM efforts (collaborative)
  • Willing to communicate with Housatonic in regards to client’s PM challenges and needs (team player)
  • Wanting a partner to brainstorm out new solutions that solve PM issues (communicative)
  • Requiring software support in regards to Microsoft Project data sets (.MPP files)
  • Needing to sharpen their tool set in regards to PM, using new technologies from Housatonic (new skills)

The Global Partnership Program (GPP) is not a reseller program (there are no sales requirements), but instead, GPP is a way for you to partner with Housatonic in an exchange that aims to improve PM on a global scale.

For example, you have a client that recognizes the need to establish a Project Management Office (PMO) in their small-to-medium-sized organization. We can help you with that, by providing technologies at low or no cost. In return, we here @Housatonic want to learn from this engagement, re: how our tech solved your client’s PM challenges. In addition, we would like to brainstorm with you on how to best rollout some of our newer tech, such as AI Bots and Project Success Predictors.

Overall, our goal at the mothership is to improve project success-rates worldwide, as we feel too much is wasted on failed efforts, especially in areas of humanitarian need.

Global Partnership Benefits...

Some of the benefits for partners joining the program include: 

  • Discounts on existing and future product subscriptions.
  • Access to beta builds of new releases (and new technologies / products).
  • Lead-sharing opportunities and other marketing activities (joint campaigns, for example).
  • Inclusion of your company logo & contact info on our highly visible website.
  • Networking opportunities between like-minded folks, just like yourself - but from around the globe and working in different sectors.

Getting Started...

A partnership starts like this:

  1. You can get started by using this contact form to request more information - expressing an interest in the program.
  2. We’ll then contact you and proceed to get to know each other better, and decide if the partnership can be mutually beneficial. if so, we’ll discuss the next course of action…
  3. Based on needs, we’ll work out an agreement and get to work. In addition, you will get access to a moderated LinkedIn Group, where all partners joining this endeavor can communicate with each other.

Final Thoughts...

Since all of us at Housatonic were once (or are now) PM consultants, we know from experience that helping clients with PM challenges is somewhat daunting on a small-to-medium business scale. For example, your client may not have the resources for a full-blown in-house Microsoft Project Server / SharePoint system. Or perhaps your clients need to update project data in a mixed-platform environment (lots of Macs, iPhones, Androids, etc. mixed in with PC desktops).

Housatonic can help.

In one of the most extreme cases, perhaps you or your client is a smaller NGO that has nothing to speak of in regards to PM tools, or is using PM tools not sufficient for success - in this case, Housatonic can also provide the support needed.

And lastly, in order to “pay it forward” to those trying to solve the world’s ills, we would like to make a global contribution – wouldn’t you? Contact us today to get started.

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